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Walked Her Way Down
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20th-Feb-2005 04:41 am
In addition to this weeks playlist (and the ones for the last two weeks I haven't gotten around to writing yet but will tomorrow), here is a list of bands/artists y'all should be listening to, complete with links and genres, this list ranges from the popular to the somewhat obscure to the Australian.

Natalie Merchant - Natalie Merchant Online [adult alternative, folk, rock, pop]

Eskimo Joe - Eskimo Joe's official (and suprisingly informative) website [alternative, rock, punk, alt.folk, pop]

End Of Fashion - END OF FASHION [alternative rock/pop]

The Waifs - The WAiFS [alt.country/folk]

10,000 Maniacs - Amaze Me Now [alt. folk/rock/pop]

John Butler Trio - John Butler Trio - Sunrise Over Sea [alt. reggae/country/pop/rock]

Neko Case NEKO CASE (is a big fan of typing in ALLCAPS) [alt.country]

A.C. Newman A.C. Newman [alt.powerpop]

Ryan Adams RyanAdams.org [alt.country/folk, rock]

Whiskeytown - ||losering|| a whiskeytown site [alt.folk/country]

Sarah Blasko - Sarah Blasko's Offical Site [rock/pop]

Thirsty Merc - Thirsty Merc's Official Site [rock]

Snow Patrol - Snow Patrol Official Website [rock/pop/emo]

The Shins - THE SHINS! [alt.folk/punk/emo]

Death Cab For Cutie - Death Cab For Cutie [acoustic emo]

Rachael Yamagata - ::Rachael Yamagata::

The Postal Service THE POSTAL SERVICE//Give Up [trip hop/emo]

You Am I/Tim Rogers - YOU AM I.net [alt.rock/country/folk]

Iron & Wine - Iron & Wine offical site [alt.folk]

Massive Attack - MASSIVE ATTACK [trip hop]

Portishead - The Official Portishead Website [trip hop]

Brid York - kathleenyork.com [alt.trip hop]

Over The Rhine - overtherhine.com [alt.trip hop/rock/pop]

The Faint - The Faint//News [alt.dance/rock]

The Travelling Wilburys - Dirty World - The Travelling Wilburys [rock]

George Harrison - GerogeHarrison.com [rock/pop]

John Lennon - JohnLennon.com [rock/pop]

The Beatles - The Beatles.com [rock/pop]

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan Site [folk/rock]

The Cure - The Cure : Official Site [new-wave]

Joy Division - Joy Division - The Eternal [goth rock]

New Order - New Order Online - A New Order Website [new wave]

Interpol - INTERPOL :: news [goth rock]

Nirvana - NIRVANA! [grunge]

Foo Fighters - FOO FIGHTERS - ONE BY ONE [grunge/rock]
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