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Walked Her Way Down
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11th-Jun-2005 08:04 pm
My journals:

Now I've finally found homes for all my different journals, apparently online is the only place I like to be ordered, my room, my dorm, my schoolbag all look as if bombs have hit them most of the time, here is a public list of where you can find all my various ramblings.

16loverslane - Public journal, mainly for answering writing memes that required a public journal, this will be updated on an occasional basis (I imagine once a week or so) with new work.

jaymakesicons - Icon journal, currently very infrequently updated due to lack of a decent graphics program, I imagine once I have the iMac and access to a graphics program I'll be updating this more frequently.

aiming_to_try - Original fiction journal, maybe updated twice a year and mostly friends only due to the fact that original fiction is still a very new thing for me and I'm not particularly confident in my writing.

femslashqueen - Fanfiction journal, this hasn't been updated in far too long, simply because i haven't had any inspiration to write but with all that is going on in my various fandoms right now and the hiatus of most of the shows I watch fast approching I'm hoping that I'll be writing here farm more often.

privateuniverse - Personal journal, 99% friends only but comment and I'll almost certianly add you to my flist, updated about every three days, on average, full of memes and whining basically, usual stuff.

Bright Yellow, Bright Orange - Fandom journal, full of reviews and the like, updated at least fortnightly.
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1st-Oct-2005 02:33 am (UTC)
Hello girlinformed,
i saw something like this at http://www.livejournal.com/users/ktoja/928523.html

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