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Pimpage BITCH! 
3rd-Mar-2006 04:08 am
weeds_fic is now ready to be posted in, in fact the only piece of Weeds fic I have written this far is already there, the community is open for you all to post once you have joined and anyone can comment.

The second of my two fanfic communiites and the idea for the newsletter have being combined to form weeds_weekly. it will be updated every Thursday (Australian DST/EST), so that is sometime Wednesday for everyone else here. There are links to icon posts, fanfiction, websites etc this time around, it is a rather large catch-all post for all Weeds fandomy things to date. If I have missed anything/you have anything to add to the community in the future that I might have trouble finding myself could you please either send me an email w e e d s [a t] g h o s t g i r l . g e e k . n z or reply to the post on my personal eljay privateuniverse that can be found here.

I also need a huge favor, as the last point in this post probably indicated, I'm from Australia and as such can't access sho.com because they are fuckwads, so could someone who is American and can access it please tell me anything major that appears on the site/send any video etc to me so I can upload it to my webspace, if at all possible. Comment or email me if you can do it.

The most important thing is to PIMP, PIMP, PIMP!!!, Weeds is still a fandom in it's infancy so there is a possibility that I'll miss people if I do it all myself, I'll be making some pimpage banners etc. at some point in the near future and I'll post these here when I do.

Thank you all so much for you feedback and I look forward to seeing some great fanfiction, icons and whatever else.

If you want to become an affilate, contact me by email, here or at my journal.
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