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Walked Her Way Down

Incoherent (Frequently Fangirlish) Rambling Since 2004

Walking 'Round The Room Singing Stormy Weather
19 July 1982
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hello. you have somehow stumbled across the journal of privateuniverse. also known as jacqueline, jacquie, jac or jaye is a 25 year old university student who lives melbourne, victoria, australia. she studies media studies and international politics at la trobe university and wants to major in radio and sound production. she was born and raised in sydney, new south wales, australia a city she has a love/hate relationship with. jaye lives in student housing at swinburne university's hawthorn campus, she shares an apartment with one girl and two boys who are all international students from malaysia. she is known for being an obsessive fangirl, her fandoms are mainly television and music related. she has a anxiety disorder and is prone to panic attacks. jaye is a very politically active person, she is involved in several environment groups and has been a member of the australian greens since 2004.

grey's anatomy
arrested development
the west wing
the x-files
the late show
desperate housewives
the o.c.
the games
the simpsons
the sopranos
six feet under
the chaser's war on everything
spicks and specks
kath & kim
the office (uk)

julianne moore
tony martin (the radio one)
kate walsh
kelly rowan
gillian anderson
mary-louise parker
sandra oh
gina riley

st. kilda saints
penrith panthers
crowded house
split enz
neil finn
the shins
something for kate
get this w/ tony martin
snow patrol

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, (writing parenthetical asides), aaron sorkin, adam brody, addison montgomery, afl, allison janney, alternative music, america's next top model, amy sedaris, apple computers, arrested development, aspergers syndrome, augie march, australian music, belle and sebastian, bird york, bradley whitford, clare bowditch, crowded house, d generation, dana whitaker, dana/casey, desperate housewives, discworld, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, eddie rayner, elizabeth perkins, emily procter, eskimo joe, eva longoria, family guy, felicity huffman, femslash, frenz of the enz, frontline, garden state, garth marenghi's dark place, gay rights, gina riley, green politics, grey's anatomy, hating netspeak, house, huff, hugh laurie, imac, ipod, jane kennedy, jane turner, janel moloney, john clarke, johnny depp, josh lyman, joshua malina, judith lucy, julianne moore, katamari damacy, kate walsh, kath & kim, kath and kim, kelly rowan, kings of leon, la trobe university, liberalism, linguistics, lorraine bracco, lynette scavo, marcia cross, margaret cho, mary-louise parker, media studies, megan mullally, melbourne, meryl streep, mick molloy, mint, muse, natalie merchant, neil finn, neil gaiman, neko case, nip/tuck, nrl, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, politics, project runway, quo vadimus, richard schiff, rob sitch, robert sean leonard, sabrina lloyd, sarah paulson, saturday night live, schnell fenster, scrubs, shrek, slash, snow patrol, spanish, spicks and specks, split enz, sports night, st kilda, st kilda saints, st. kilda, stars, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, studio 60, terry pratchett, the amazing race, the d generation, the finn brothers, the games, the go-betweens, the grates, the hours, the late show, the oc, the sims 2, the sopranos, the swingers, the west wing, the x-files, tim finn, tina fey, tony martin, unapologetic mocking, we love katamari, weeds, will & grace, will and grace, william h. macy, wine, women, womens rights, workers rights,